The first Vice-president and Regional Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation, Francisco Conde, attended this morning in As Pontes the presentation of the project in which Reganosa and EDP Renovables foresee an investment of 155M€.

The first Vice-president and Regional Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation, Francisco Conde, stressed today that the As Pontes hydrogen plant project describes what is a fair energy transition for Galicia. “It is a strategic project to address the process of reindustrialisation of the area”, he said and highlighted the institutional collaboration between the Xunta and the City Council – with the confidence that the Government will also join in – together with the collaboration with the business community.

The first Vice-president attended this morning the presentation of this project promoted by Reganosa and EDP Renovables, which foresees an initial investment of €130 million which, adding the different necessary connections, could reach €155 million and have the first phases in operation in 2025.

Conde stressed that the hydrogen plant will allow technological developments to be linked to industrial processes to generate a positive impact on job creation and opportunities. Thus, he advanced that the technological partner of the Reganosa and EDP Renovables project, Siemens Energy, will assemble the electrolysers at the Navantia turbine factory.

As he stressed, the project is part of Galicia’s Energy Agenda 2030, in which one of the objectives is the development of renewable energies – Galicia is currently the second largest generator of this type of energy – both traditional and new technologies such as offshore wind or green hydrogen.

Conde explained that the companies have been working for more than two years on this “mature and innovative” project. It was presented to the PERTE* for renewable energy and requested to be declared by the Galician Administration as a strategic industrial project, which would allow greater agility by having a single file to carry out the administrative processing, sectoral analysis and obtaining the necessary licenses. Conde stressed that the presence of this plant is in addition to other industrial projects in the region that will allow its reindustrialisation.