Francisco Conde, first Vice-president of the Xunta de Galicia and president of the company, took part in the first of the conferences, which focused on the energy sector


The public-private company Impulsa Galicia, whose main objective is to streamline strategic projects that contribute to the transformation of the Galician economy through a green and digital model, met with the main energy companies operating in Galicia. The purpose of the meeting was to inform them about the functioning of the company, as well as to make itself available to them for the development of new driving projects. The meeting was attended by Francisco Conde, first Vice-president of the Xunta and president of Impulsa Galicia, Enyd López, General Director of the company, and Paula Uría, General Secretary of Industry of the Galician government.

With this conference, Impulsa Galicia is beginning a round of sectoral meetings with the Galician business community. In this first meeting, focused on the energy sector, Francisco Conde stressed that Impulsa Galicia is a tool created at the behest of the Xunta de Galicia to develop those projects framed in the Galician Transformation Hub, but that it has a vocation for the future and is at the service of all Galician companies: “Beyond the projects that you are carrying out in Galicia as promoters, count on Impulsa Galicia for those projects that you could not undertake alone; transformative projects from the energy point of view and that generate great impact”.

In her speech, the company’s general director, Enyd López, explained how, after taking charge of the conceptualisation phase of an idea and developing the business project, they look for an industrial partner or investor to study its viability. “We sign a memorandum of understanding with the selected development partner to ensure that the project is inclusive and that the value stays in Galicia, while generating an industrial footprint and a driving effect on the entire value chain, placing the SME at the centre of the strategy. Subsequently, we accompanied it throughout the process of economic, technical and financial feasibility analysis to take the project to the final investment decision,” López explained.

By way of illustration, both Francisco Conde and Enyd López referred to the project for the generation of sustainable textile fibres, whose industrial partner is Altri, and the project for the generation of biogas and organic fertilisers from surplus livestock manure, in which Impulsa Galicia collaborates with Repsol, Reganosa and Naturgy.

For their part, the representatives of the attending companies and associations from the energy sector were grateful for the meeting and the open dialogue. They consider useful and necessary a unique tool such as Impulsa Galicia, where administration and business work together and thanked the efforts of the Xunta to expedite the processing of projects that industrialise and digitise Galicia.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Endesa, Iberdrola, Windar, EDPR, Repsol, ASIME, the Galician Hydrogen Association, CLUERGAL, Clúster de Biomasa, AGAEN, Adelanta and Galenergy.