Impulsa Galicia participates in Brussels in a conference organized by the Galicia Europa Foundation on the occasion of the European Week of Regions

Within the framework of the European Week of the Regions, the largest event dedicated to the EU cohesion policy, the general director of Impulsa Galicia, Julio Pombo, participated in one of the events organized by the Galicia Europa Foundation, speaking about the Galicia’s contribution to the industry of the future. Pombo pointed out that the decarbonization process offers the community great opportunities thanks to its natural resources, and gave as an example the Altri sustainable fiber production factory that “will be a benchmark in Europe in circularity.”

Julio Pombo, during his speech at the Week of European Regions held in Brussels.

“Impulsa Galicia is the optimal vehicle to accelerate and facilitate the materialization of transformative and strategic projects in Galicia that revolve around three axes: natural resources, sustainability and digitalization,” said the general director of Impulsa. Among them, the sustainable management project for Galician forests stood out, which will position Galicia as a key point to supply sustainable fiber to nearby textile production markets such as the countries of Southern Europe, North Africa and East Asia.

Impulsa identified the increasing demand for lyocell, due, among other factors, to growing consumer awareness. The factory that Altri plans to establish in Palas de Rei, province of Lugo, “will allow the production of 200,000 tons of sustainable textile fiber per year, using certified wood from our forests as the main raw material, as well as textile waste,” he explained.