Tractor project that seeks to put at the service of Galician SMEs, large companies and public institutions, the technological solution that guarantees the data storafe they need, high-speed connectivity, sufficient bandwidth and low latency (temporary delays within a network) and thus facilitate the digitization of SMEs by offering services that they would not be able to obtain today in the market, ensuring economies of scale and cost efficiencies. In addition, it would allow the establishment of synergies with projects that are already underway in Galicia.

The projected 15MW IT capacity would make it possible to host the data of the vast majority of Galician companies, which would give Galicia sovereignty over the control of community data.

In the process of selecting the company to promote the project, dialogue was established with seven companies in the sector, of national and international reference, that could develop the project with different business models: hyperscalers or cloud service providers that also own the building; cloud players or cloud service providers that are hosted in buildings of other companies and real state, that is, owners of the building.

Four of them decided not to continue for two fundamental reasons: either because they already had other investments planned, or because they did not have sufficient investment capacity for the planned scope (15-25 MW).

With the remaining three, conversations continued, following an equitable, structured and homogeneous negotiation process between April and September 2022. This process included meetings to present the project, meetings to delve into technical details, negotiation sessions for the memorandum of understanding and face-to-face sessions with the Impulsa Galicia technical committee.

Finally, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the Spanish company Ingenostrum.


The Spanish company Ingenostrum is chosen to lead the project, which will go hand in hand with Nexitic engineering specialized in the design of this type of infrastructure.


400 million euros

Estimated number of jobs created

Approx. 200 jobs in the construction phaseApprox. 100 qualified jobs for its maintenance, between direct and indirect