Recursos de Galicia (RDG) is born as one of the facilitating instruments for the achievement of the objectives of the future Law for the promotion of the social and economic benefits of projects that use the natural resources of Galicia.

It is about a pioneering mixed company in Spain that, without losing sight of profitability goals, will promote the maximization of the impact on the territory of the value generated by natural resources, the competitiveness of energy prices, and the decarbonization of the economy. Ultimately, it will seek to ensure that energy development is equitable and contributes to the progress of Galicia and its economic fabric—or, in other words, that the benefits of harnessing natural resources remain within the region.


The shareholding is composed of: Xunta de Galicia; Abanca; a vehicle company of Copasa, Valtalia, and Gesuga; a vehicle company of Grupo Nogar, Grupo Pérez Rumbao, Conservas Rianxeira-Jealsa, Profand, and Grupo Revi; Gadisa; Exlabesa; Ence Terra; ARP Global; Ain Active; Viuda de Severiano Castro e Hijos; a vehicle company of Grupo Intaf, Genesal, Industrial Recense, Mecanizados Acebrón, Cover Global, Edigal, Tecdesoft, Ertec Iberia, Integria Energía Empresas, Eroxona, Sertogal, and Twinleads, all partners of Cluergal; Wind1000; Epifanio Campo; Aceites Abril; and Megaro Foods.


100 million euros (share capital).