He requests the commitment of the central government to ensure that these strategic initiatives for Galicia can be implemented as soon as possible.

The head of the Galician Government, Alfonso Rueda, today highlighted the collaboration between the Xunta de Galicia and the Impulsa Galicia Company to face the challenges of the next generations.

In a meeting with the Board of Directors of the entity, the President of the Xunta highlighted the value of the experts’ proposals to advance in projects of importance for the country, such as the Galician Transformation Hub.

Alfonso Rueda stressed that the Impulsa Galicia Company was launched in the midst of the pandemic as a forum for public-private collaboration. A company that was born from the proposal made by the Committee of Experts promoted by the Xunta “to draw the way forward” and to which the Galician President thanked “its excellent vision” to face the challenges of the Galicia of 2030, “the one we want to leave to the next generations”.

Rueda also stressed the importance of public-private collaboration to boost the growth and consolidation of Galicia’s business fabric. “What we need for Galicia are good ideas and good projects”, and he gave as an example those that led to the creation of the Galician Transformation Hub, “with national and international companies of recognised prestige”.

The head of the Xunta de Galicia insisted on the need for the central government to specify the distribution of aid so that projects that are essential for the economic and industrial development of Galicia are not left out of the PERTE.