We turn good ideas into big projects

Circular economy

We develop ideas and turn them into inclusive projects with a tractor effect that are then integrated into the business community.  We also look for the investors and technologists that the project requires and remain by their side throughout the different phases of the process.

We make projects viable. We don’t invest; we find someone who will.

Impulsa Galicia was established with the goal of encouraging economic activity in our community by attracting investment, forging partnerships, and fostering collaboration between public and private institutions with a view to launch and consolidate new businesses ideas.

Sustainable management

Logotipo en negativo de Impulsa Galicia

is a response to the European Commission’s request for collaboration between the public and private sectors in order to aid in the recovery from the recent economic crisis.  The goal is to strengthen and expand the reach of the Pole for the Transformation of Galicia, an initiative from the Xunta de Galicia, in the context of applying for NextGenerationEU funding.