Two others will also work alongside Enyd López on the organisation’s board of directors: Amparo Alonso, an expert in artificial intelligence, and Rosa María Sánchez-Yebra, the vice-governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank.

Santiago de Compostela

July 12, 2021

Enyd López Fernández, a chemical engineer who holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Santiago and who is also an expert in circular economy, is the new head of Impulsa Galicia, the Galician Association for the Development of Strategic Projects.  The organisation is a joint venture that was established in April by the Xunta, Abanca, Reganosa, and Sogama with the goal of modernising Galicia’s economy by applying the fair, green, and digital transition model.  Its main objective is to help develop strategic initiatives for Galicia.  Amparo Alonso Betanzos, an expert in artificial intelligence, and Rosa María Sánchez-Yebra, who specialises in fiscal policy, will also join the organisation’s board of directors.

Enyd López was chosen by the board to be managing director of the organisation.  Until recently, López was the head of Galicia Saica Natur, a part of Grupo Saica that focuses on the circular economy and waste management.  She has also led several teams, divisions, and delegations for Grupo Saica throughout Spain.

Two more women have also been appointed to the board. Amparo Alonso is a professor of Computer Science at the University of A Coruña, as well as the president of the Spanish Association of Artificial Intelligence and a member of the Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council.

Rosa María Sánchez-Yebra is the vice governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank.  She has also sat on the boards of the Banco de España and the National Securities Market Commission and was the secretary-general of the Spanish Treasury and Department of Fiscal Policy.